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Our recording facility is perfect for independent and unsigned artists! We've put out several tracks that
have aired on online, independent, college, and even major radio stations. As far as recording goes, song
clarity is always our #1 priority. Below is a list of hardware and software that we use to polish our tracks to
perfection. We can work with any budget to bring you the best project possible. Unlike most recording
studios that offer a frequency rate of 44.1kHZ, we offer a recording rate of 96 kHz. Just one of the things
that makes our recordings better. We don't use a USB recording setup. You're track will be mastered and
will have the same sonic sound as any major artist. We also offer mixing and mastering services. (For
mixing, please make sure that the DAW software you recorded on matches our available DAW software)

Emu 1820 audio interface coupled with Emu Patchmix software
Cubase 7 (Can also use Pro Tools, Sonar, & Sony Acid)
Presonus BlueTube DP microphone preamp (used in all vocal recordings)
Waves Platinum (Effects used for mixdows, best in the industry)
2 Numark tables with Serato Scratch Live software
Reason 5.0
Behringer 16 channel mixer (for multi tracking only)
Roland Fantom X
T-Racks mastering software

Our minimum charge for recording time is $25.00 per hour (Minimum of 2 hours).

Our hours of operation-

Mon-Thurs: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM
Fri: 6:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Sat: 5:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Sun: Closed

Due to artist cancellations, we do require a deposit on any booked studio session. You can pay this
deposit through PayPal and the price depends on how much time you are booking. For artists interested in
recording a project (album, demo, mixtape, anything that's over 10 hours) we offer discounted studio time.
Please contact us if this is something you're interested in. Our pricing does not include beats. If you're
interested in beats, click here.
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